​Please read all of these thoroughly. It will make your hair & make-up process go smoothly!

*You must come to the hair and make-up room with completely dry hair. We will not have time to dry your hair. My advice is to shower the night before that way your hair is perfectly dry and will hold what ever style you are getting.  

*If you have curly hair and you want your hair curled you need to come with your hair blown out. Even if it looks super frizzy its ok, we just wont have time to blow it out. Also do not use a flat iron if you want it curled.

*Do not use a flat iron on your hair if you want any curl in your hair. It will close the cuticle of your hair and it will not hold a curl

*We highly suggest no prom type up-do's. Your look should be natural, example: soft curls, straight, half way up, pulled back in a simple bun or pony. Although these are simple looks they will all be done extremely professional. Think of the red carpet, you don't see many celebrities with "up-do's"

*If you are comfortable with make-up and have a great foundation you can come with your foundation already on (liquid or cream not any mineral or powder type) If not that is totally ok as well

*We will be providing false lashes for an additional cost of $15 a day.  You will need a fresh set each day, we will not reuse used lashes. We will have multiple styles of lashes but if you want to bring your own you can but be aware the charge will be the same due to the time it takes to put them on. The lashes are to be paid cash to me (Jacklyn) in the hair & make-up room

*I recommend to everyone to bring a picture of the hair and make-up you would like. With a picture there is no room for communication errors and we can get an accurate idea of what you would like. If you are unsure of what you think will look good we will have pictures pageant weekend of great looks if you would want to reference any of those. I will also be able to help you if you need any guidance. 

*If you have allergies to a certain make-up and can only use certain products please bring them with you. Otherwise we will have everything you need.

* Please follow the pageants guidelines for the cut off for signing up for hair an make-up. We only book the amount of staff needed for the weekend so it is very important you get signed up on time. If you are sending the check in and it may arrive late please contact pageant headquarters and let them know it is on the way so we can make sure we book enough staff.

*You will be given your hair and make-up appointment time when you arrive pageant weekend

Please be on time for your appointment!  We only have a certain amount of time scheduled for each girl so if you miss your time you will loose your spot.


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